Oswald Pfeiffer AKA PharaOm returns to Neogoa with his brand new full-length album: Under The Sun Of Goa! This time he decided to explore his own musical roots and to bring back the true spiritual Goa trance vibe of the PharaOm project. Under The Sun Of Goa is not only a highly melodic work of psychedelic trance, it is also one of the most energetic and fast-paced releases PharaOm has crafted so far, so prepare yourself for a wonderful journey into the magical world of Goa! Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork by Richpa & PharaOm at Neogoa Design.

For all those interested, I’ve found a cool web app that allows you to make music with emulated 303’s, 909’/808’s and some kewl analog and wavetable machines, lots of possibilities, great community.

Needs your support !!!